Join us here at Studio Sauga with our special guest speakers; global award winning photographers: Keda Z., Johnson Wee, and Nik Pekridis famously known as "The Fantastic 3". They will speak, present, and demonstrate how they capture the images that they do in a 3 day seminar/workshop about photography, editing, and world class image creation.

Participants will embark on a journey beyond shutter speeds and white balances into the heart of photography – making images that speak, images that tell stories, images that inform the mind and move the heart.

Gain insight into the mindset of award winning photography masters. “The Fantastic 3” are highly regarded as some of the most experienced and respected international image makers in the photography world.

During these 3 days, each master will share and demonstrate his style under an intense but easy to learn program. There will be 3 days full of editing, theory, and a wide array of different styles and techniques for improving your skills. Shooting with ambient and continuous lighting, strobes and speed lights, you will learn how to combine all of them and under any condition. You will experience full of examples of “how to wow” and witness firsthand the behind the scenes of masterpieces being created before your very eyes. You will learn what makes an award winning image, and how to make it. Most importantly, you’ll have lots of fun!

Itinerary (more details and specifics will be given to those who register)

Day 1 - Theory techniques and talking about composition, posing and lighting
Day 2 - Full day shooting indoor and outdoor with models and the Fantastic 3
Day 3 - Full day editing in Photoshop and Lightroom

Here is a quick word from the masters:

Keda Z.

"This is a very important class for everyone no matter if you are senior or hobbyist or part-time photographer. I will show you how to create such amazing masterpieces for your clients and competitions around the globe. I will show you my creativity, imagination and lighting style. We’ll go through a series of theory and principals in photography. Most important is the live shooting with real models during the workshop and I’ll show you how to transform the images from ordinary to extraordinary; from pre-production to post-production."

Nik Pekridis

"Learn how to pose everyone perfectly. How to find or “create” the light under any condition and very fast without guessing. This will be what makes you different from your fellow photographer. You will also learn a very powerful and fast way to speed up your workflow in LR. Finally, we’ll go through award winning album design… fast and easy!"

Johnson Wee

"This workshop is not to be missed! I will take you through how I ignited my creativity and imagination from the most unexpected sources and inspirations and apply them to my masterpieces and award winning submissions. From start to finish, I will show you how I plan, light, pose, shoot and then post process my signature works of art.""

Seats are going quickly. Register now and be inspired by 3 international award winning master photographers.

Shoot with live models and learn how to make any location an amazing environment and learn award winning editing secrets!

This workshop is strictly limited to only 30 students and sells out quickly... so BOOK NOW!

A 30% deposit is required to reserve a seat. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the workshop begins or pay monthly if that suits you best. Please note that breakfast, lunch and refreshments are provided for each day and included with your workshop fee.

Notes regarding workshop:

All payments made are strictly non-refundable. Cancellations made less than 60 days before the workshop are also non-transferable. The workshop moderators reserve the right to vary or alter the program content or cancel the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation by the hosts of a workshop will ensure a full refund of all monies paid.

Please note that images photographed during the workshop may not be used for publication, self-promotion or competition entries. The images you create during the week are for your personal development only.